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Meet our new member of staff – Halfpenny

Meet Halfpenny

HalfpennyWe’ve adopted a lamb!

It’s a lamb with a story!

Over the years, there are people and projects that really make a mark.

One of those is Sarah Maliphant.

I had the joy of working with her on a transformational project in BOC a loooooong time ago.

She decided a life of welding products wasn’t for her, and I’m literally in awe of this amazing woman, who has carved out her best life.

Fast forward 20 or so years, and she is living in Wales, with the most spectacular mountain views.

Besides her coaching business, she has a beautiful holiday cottage and is a shepherdess to a flock of rare breed Soay sheep and all that entails, from the joys of lambing, to bundling those that don’t make it into a wheelbarrow complete with daffodils until the appropriate person comes to collect. I hope she writes a book.

That couldn’t be further from what most of us do. As we spend more and more time glued to a screen of one sort or another, Sarah is definitely not doing that.  She is living a real life; real and brave. And is one very, very wise lady.


When I caught up with her, we chatted about life in the middle of Wales during Covid, and the adoption scheme she has set up to help meet the running costs of the breed.

We fell in love with this little lady, and her name makes her more adorable – Halfpenny Halfpint.

So ID are now the proud sponsors of a sheep!

For more details about Sarah and her holiday let visit

Halfpenny Film Director

Halfpenny directing the remake of ‘Silence of the Lambs’.