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Podcast with Sarah Archer’s Speaking Club

sarah archerIf you haven’t come across Sarah before, she is one multi-talented lady. A stand up comedian, playwright, marketing guru, and passionate about helping people find their voice and confidence when speaking in public.

When she asked me to be part of her podcast I jumped at the chance, to catch up with her and to talk sales.

The conversation covered a lot of things, these are just a few

  • How mindset is important in both sales and speaking
  • Tuning into your customers or your audience
  • Knowing the value you bring your customers and why that’s so important
  • Having a map for your sales conversations
  • The beliefs about sales which may hold you back
  • Setting up an effective training session
  • Story telling in sales to paint a picture and get people’s attention

And I even managed to sneak in a little about cricket.


You can download the podcast here


Diane Banister

January 2020