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Sales Leadership

Is your sales team ready for the challenges ahead?

We’ve been looking at and researching the challenges a wide cross section on businesses and their sales teams are facing.

The last 18 months have all the makings of a perfect storm, and yet some companies and sales teams have thrived. Others have struggled.

Covid has meant that we have had to build trust and relationships virtually, or go old school and use the telephone.  And that hasn’t always been easy for sales people who are used to looking for visual cues.  Home working has made getting in front of Decision Makers harder.

Your product alone won’t close the deals, it’s the quality of your sales conversations that cause you to win orders and accounts.

And the uncertain world out there that can affect motivation.  Sales cycles are elongating, slowing down, unless you can maintain momentum and be proactive. That in turn means that Sales productivity is coming under scrutiny.

So if you are seeing that in your business you’re not alone.

We work 121 with Sales Leaders helping them think through their challenges and find focus amidst the noise of data. If you would like to find out more contact us  and we can discuss how that works.

And I’ll be speaking at an Inspire event in October about these challenges and how to overcome them.  We’ll post the details here soon