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Spotlight on a client – Lifting Gear Hire

Andy Mault – CEO – Lifting Gear Hire

What does your company do?

LGH (Lifting Gear Hire) is exactly that. We are a specialist business that focusses on renting lifting equipment to a wide variety of customers across numerous commercial and industrial sectors. We strive to combine the highest quality equipment on the market with industry leading expertise all supported by excellent customer service. We operate across several UK and European sites plus we have a significant operation in the US too and our aim is for LGH to become the global leaders in lifting gear hire.

Who do you help?

LGH is a B2B operation and we rent (and occasionally sell) lifting equipment to businesses involved in all sorts of projects within construction, infrastructure, marine and offshore projects plus repairs and maintenance work in the growing green energy sector.  Due to our comprehensive range, we can cater for all sizes of projects from a simple toe jack for manual handling, to sophisticated spreader beams for larger loads. All supported with expert advice.

Why was your business set up?

We’ve actually just celebrated LGH’s 50th Year in operation. Back in 1970 Bill Parkinson (who is still a major shareholder in the business) saw a gap in the market when it came to sourcing lifting equipment, especially when it could be for a short-term project or one-off need. He came along with a compelling offer of ‘Why buy when you can rent?’ backed with safety and service at its heart. The rest as they say is history.

Interview with Bill Parkinson –

Why should people get in touch with you?

We like to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for our customers and turn what potentially can be a complicated lifting project into a simple, pain-free process.  It’s a cliché I know, but it’s our people that give us this edge. The specialist knowledge and know-how that’s been built up over the years and across the sectors and countries we operate in, is invaluable.

How important is people development to you?

It is crucial. The complexity of running a business that now has customers in nine different countries means we need the best people at the top of their game. Experience has shown us that having an engaged team that understand their roles and feel valued perform better and deliver time and time again. Our people are at the heart of what we do and we need to invest in them so they can develop and grow.

You are an Intelligent Dialogue client – why did you choose us as training partner? How have we helped you develop?

LGH has a long history with Intelligent Dialogue, we wanted a unified Sales Strategy across Europe. We most recently engaged with ID to provide external input and structure to help us align our teams and strategy. Intelligent Dialogue understands LGH and the Hire sector and has successfully worked with the European management team to implement what we feel will be ( is already proving to be )   an effective sales process.

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