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The Ability to Choose

The Ability to Choose is the latest book by Hank Williams (The Essence of Managing People). He is using the book to raise money for two charities that he is closely involved with: PACT and Purple Elephant Project. Both charities provide therapeutic support for children who have experienced trauma and abuse.

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The Ability to Choose is a fascinating exploration of choice: how we make choices and how we can control our choice making. “Powerful and telling”, “thought-provoking”, “intriguing”, “clear and heartfelt” are some of the reader comments. “I like how you weave your personal story in with your work choices.”

Hank Williams has been an organisation development consultant and professional mentor for forty years. He has also worked as a community development worker in Oldham and as a change consultant with the Ministry of Higher Education in Afghanistan. In all his roles – consultant, trainer, facilitator and mentor – choice has been a key ingredient.

The Ability to Choose looks back over this varied career to explore different aspects of choice, for example: the choices we make when we open our mouths to speak; the use of choice to raise levels of engagement in the classroom; the choices groups make in how to work together; the use of choice to channel energy when generating change.

Each chapter explores one aspect of choice from the professional perspective and also reflects on choices that Hank has made in his personal life. It is this weaving together of the professional and personal experience, and the relationship between the two, that makes The Ability to Choose so unique. The personal story unfolds through the book, providing a deep exploration of its three principal elements: agency, awareness and resourcefulness.


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