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In Plant Hire, there’s one race you don’t want to win

Plant Hire race

Plant hire or tool hire is hard work.

Your customers are demanding and savvy.

You’re dealing with people and machines…… what can wrong?

If that wasn’t enough, your competitors keep lowering their prices to undercut you and win business, which forces prices down.

This is a race to the bottom, and one where your profits are threatened.

This is one race you don’t want to win.

Plant hire customers expect more than ever; great service, top notch kit delivered quickly to site, problems solved quickly when things go wrong, AND ( this is the killer ) all at the cheapest possible price.

You pride yourself on great service with quality products, because you know that matters, but with tight margins that’s more and more difficult.

If your sales people can’t talk confidently about the value you bring, you wont be able to secure the prices you deserve. It means you won’t be able to negotiate preferred supplier arrangements – well you will, but that may mean volume orders at very small margins, which has a knock on effect.  Your depots are critical of the deals and sceptical about your sales teams abilities to negotiate them…. After all sales is easy!!

Most systems now allow you to set limits to the amount of discount that your hire controllers can offer.

How many times do they go straight to that discount?

How much money did you give away yesterday because customers, even the small one off orders, asked for a discount and they got it – straight away.

No wonder customers ask for more – if your hire controllers and rental managers are not trained or commercially savvy, they give money away, easily. They signal prices are negotiable.

Sometimes it can feel as though they work for the customer rather than for you.

That’s why we’ve written the  Seven things you can do right now to help you improve your bottom line.

If you would like to know more then please get in touch, and we’ll send you a copy.

Seven, simple, easy to focus on and actionable things which will make a big difference in your plant hire business.