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Increasing Utilisation

increasing utilisationIncreasing utilisation is a key focus for plant hire companies.

The hire market is competitive both locally and nationally.

Pressure is on to deliver a fast response, and it can feel that there’s little loyalty to you as a supplier, regardless of the prices you offer and the support you provide.

Utilisation has always been key to a well run, profitable business, but it’s under the spotlight even more now. ( You might be interested in our interview with Martin Ainscough about the part that this played in the growth of Ainscough Crane Hire ).

One of the keys of increasing utilisation is to convert more of the enquiries you get.

How equipped are your people to do that and win business at the right price?

The race to the bottom is not a race you want to be part of.

We’ve worked with plant hire companies such as Ainscough Crane Hire, Andrews Sykes, FLG Services, LGH, LGUK and Rotrex Winches to help them

  • Win business at the right price
  • Increase order values
  • Protect price and profits
  • Offer a great level of service to win repeat business
  • Follow processes and procedures that reduce invoice queries and maintain cash flow

If you want to increase your hire figures, and make more margin on your sales revenue, we can help you, cost effectively. But don’t take our word for it, it’s more important our clients have to say. Here’s what Jeff Hudson, then Managing Director of FLG Services had to say about some bespoke training we developed for his Rental Managers :-

“Rental Managers came back full of positivity. I haven’t heard anyone say a bad word about the training, and one Rental Manager has calculated that he can generate an extra £40k a year in hire revenues. When I sat down with him, he’s actually undercalculated this. Already extra revenue has been significant. Intelligent Dialogue really understand the hire market, and if you want to generate more business and improve service I would contact them.”

Jeff Hudson, former Managing Director of FLG Services

Here are some comments from some recent training, where even the most sceptical took things away to put into practice;

“This course is a gamechanger”

“My heart sank at the thought of sales training, but this isn’t sales training, this is revenue raising training”

“I’ve been on a lot of courses over the years, but this was the best.  It was relevant to everyone in the room, and everyone got something out of it, from those who are new to our industry to people like me with 20 plus years”

“I didn’t have the confidence to do some of this, but this makes it easy. Simple things I can do that will make a difference”

Call us on 0845 450 0988 to discuss how we can help your field sales team generate more enquiries, build the confidence of your hire controllers to make the most of that opportunity, and your management team to focus on the things that matter and increase utilisation.

If you haven’t already read our interview with Martin Ainscough ( Ainscough Crane Hire ) and Bill Parkinson ( Lifting Gear Hire ) you can find them in the Plant Hire Section of our Blog.