Call Centre Survey

We’re updating our research into what customers hate when they deal with companies by telephone.
If you’ve got a few …

Inbound Sales Tips

Inbound sales tips; improve your sales figures & your customer experience with these top tips for teams that take inbound orders & enquiries from customers.

Article Call Centre Europe

The 60 second rule; make the right first impression on both inbound and outbound calls.

Call Handling Skills

What makes good call handling and what benefits does it bring?

Phonetic Alphabet

Ensure charlie, lima, alpha, romeo, india, tango, yankee on the phone; the NATO phonetic alphabet to use for greater accuracy in your conversations.

Dealing With Angry Customers

Download our definitive Go to Guide. A lot of what is taught about handling angry customers is wrong, learn the right things to do in this guide. Right for the customer and right for you.