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More TOFU anyone?

More TOFU anyone?

Now I love it with a home made peanut satay sauce ( mix peanut butter, …

Making Mistakes at Work

One simple mistake can take a lot of undoing, a whole lot of anxiety and add unnecessary cost to your …

7 Things you can do to keep customers

If you find yourself trying to plug the leaking bucket of customer attrition you’ll know it’s exhausting, stressful and …

Mindsets Matter

At Intelligent dialogue, we really believe that mindsets matter ; how we “feel” changes our emotional state which impacts our …

Call Handling Skills

Good call handling skills benefit the business, your customers and your employees. What are they and how do they help?

Customer Service Articles

Customer Service and Call Centre Articles
Below are listed a number of Intelligent Dialogue’s published customer service articles. We hope …

How To Retain Customers

Our research into why organisations lose customers gives us insight into how to retain customers.

Why Is Customer Service Important?

Fascinating results from our survey asking customers why they had stopped using a company. Price or service?

Dealing With Angry Customers

Our tips and help for dealing with angry customers.