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We all know that taking people away from the phones can hit service levels – so it’s vital that training …

Managing HR Transition

This paper focuses on the key issues of managing HR Transition, moving from HR generalists to a Business Partner Model. Hank Williams identifies the key questions to be addressed when transforming the profile of an HR department.

Effective Consultancy

Effective Consultancy focuses on the processes and key skills of managing entry as the initial phase of the consultancy process. Hank Williams highlights the key issues for acting effectively as a consultant.

Mentoring Framework

Establishing a Mentoring Framework identifies the key questions that need to be addressed by an organisation that is attempting to develop a framework to focus mentoring activity to achieve strategic goals.

Effective Mentoring

Effective Mentoring explores the processes and skills of mentoring – how to effectively conduct a mentoring relationship and a mentoring session.

Effective Facilitation

Effective Facilitation focuses on the issue of the locus of responsibility; where the responsibility for the group’s effectiveness lies, & how to share responsibility appropriately with the group.

Effective Training

This whitepaper explores the process of creating the conditions for learning. It’s most useful for trainers who are involved in the areas of skill development rather than knowledge transfer.