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Shortage of Labour: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Shortage of Labour: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent
The current business landscape has presented challenges in finding and …

Hire Business Consistency across a Depot Network

In this video we look at how to grow your hire business by developing consistency across a depot network

Hire Business Improving Customer Satisfaction

Video exploring how systems and people can join forces to improve customer satisfaction in your hire or rental business.

Hire Business Managing Costs

View webinar where we join forces with MCS Rental Software to discuss ways in which systems & people can manage costs for Hire Companies

Hire Business Increasing Revenue

Webinar recording of how people and systems can combine to increase revenue for hire and rental businesses

Making Mistakes at Work

One simple mistake can take a lot of undoing, a whole lot of anxiety and add unnecessary cost to your …

Sales Readiness Heatmap – an assessment tool for Sales Leaders

Use our Sales Readiness Tool, to self assess where you are now and how you can give your team the best chance to hit their numbers.

Mindsets Matter

At Intelligent dialogue, we really believe that mindsets matter ; how we “feel” changes our emotional state which impacts our …

Go To Guide for Successful Exhibitions

Our Go To Guide to Successful Exhibitions is packed with over tips and ideas which will make your investment in an exhibition or a tradeshow a success. Now available on Amazon.

Selling In Tough Times

Sound advice for those who find themselves in tough markets or with aggressive competitors. Focus your mindset & activity to help you achieve your sales targets.

Achieving Targets

10 real tactics that will help you achieve your sales targets