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Sales Readiness Heatmap – an assessment tool for Sales Leaders

Use our Sales Readiness Tool, to self assess where you are now and how you can give your team the best chance to hit their numbers.

Mindsets Matter

At Intelligent dialogue, we really believe that mindsets matter ; how we “feel” changes our emotional state which impacts our …

Reaching Decision Makers

Tried and tested practices that work in the REAL world. Get more customers by phone, learn the secrets of effective lead generation, get your name known for the right reasons, and your calls taken by the right people.

Telephone Account Management

Telephone Account Management helps you cost effectively maintain regular contact with designated segments of your customer base. Find out more about how it can support your sales and customer contact strategy.

What Is Telemarketing?

A useful definition of telemarketing, and the cost effective contribution it can make to your sales activity.

Overcoming Sales Objections

Brilliant tips for overcoming sales objections

Selling In Tough Times

Sound advice for those who find themselves in tough markets or with aggressive competitors. Focus your mindset & activity to help you achieve your sales targets.

Achieving Targets

10 real tactics that will help you achieve your sales targets