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Article published in Call Centre Europe

Here are some ideas to aid you and your trainers in guiding success  in your agents when they begin a telephone conversation.

Making the most of the first few seconds of an inbound and outbound call. Learn about the 60 second rule, and how it can help you engage with customers.

The article includes top tips for inbound call handlers

  • make the right first impression on the telephone
  • engage the caller and get them onside
  • shake hands with a caller over the telephone
  • connect with the customer
  • improve your customer focus and your customer service

And great ideas for out-bounders to

  • step away from a “spiel” and have a conversation with a prospect
  • make a powerful introduction to your call
  • elevate your credibility, early in a call
  • engaging the prospect or customer in a conversation with you.

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