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inbound sales trainingCustomer Service Week

There are lots of reports of customer service being poor during COVID, as companies furlough people and a reduced number of people are left “holding the fort”.

What’s been your experience?

This year National Customer Service Week will take place 5th – 9th October, and gives you a great opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the role it plays in great business practice, which also has to be good for the economy.

Each day has a focus

Monday – Insight: Knowing your customer and how to deliver to them. In line with our own philosophy of being in tune with your customers world. Our downloadable training material gives you everything you need to run a one hour session about this with your team.

Tuesday – Capability & Skills: Identifying and nurturing customer service skills in your organisation

Wednesday – Recognition: Celebrate your customer service heroes. Who are the people who go the extra mile – this year, people who have worked through Covid are heroes – how are you going to celebrate yours?

Thursday – Leadership: Championing customer service in the boardroom. At a time when there’s a spotlight on figures, shine a spot light on the business practice of great service – of looking after customers well so that they keep using you.

Friday – Trust, Ethics & Sustainability: Building brand reputation through your actions. Make a promise – keep a promise. And if you don’t or can’t, tell a customer early.

Full details can be found on the Institute of Customer Service website.