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The sad fact is that a lot of what is taught about dealing with angry customers is wrong, and can cause the situation to escalate.

That’s why we’ve put together a Go to Guide on Dealing with Angry Customers; essential reading for anyone involved in front line customer contact, and that includes team leaders, managers and trainers.

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“How do I deal with angry customers?” is one of the most asked questions on our customer service training courses. Recent research shows that a customer service role can be the 5th or 11th most stressful job (depending on which survey you read) and that’s after roles like front line soldiers, paramedics and police officers.

We want to help you make sure that you have some brilliant tips, that work in the real world, at your fingertips to avoid the traps and pitfalls when dealing with unhappy customers, so that you:-

Retain Customers

Get it right and you are able to help a customer even when they are unhappy and when things have gone wrong. Customer retention is a key metric for any business. Why spend money, time and effort winning new business, while you are losing your existing customers because of a poor experience?

Reduce Escalations

Helping angry customers helpfully and confidently releases team leaders and managers from escalations – when people escalate the customer complaint to their line manager. Reducing escalation means that line managers have time to concentrate on putting right the things that might be causing the complaints in the first place.

Reduce stress levels – create a better working environment

Being shouted at is not pleasant. If we are not trained to help customers when they are unhappy we may be exascerbating the situation, and feeling the pain of that as well.

Stress levels rise.

Customers continue to be angry.

Employees disengage.

We feel so passionately, that a lot of what is taught about dealing with angry customers is wrong, and adds to the situation, that we’ve updated our Go to Guide to Helping Angry Customers

Download this invaluable reference guide full of tips and ideas on how to manage yourself, the call and the customer.

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