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Effective Mentoring – Key Issues

by Hank Williams

Effective Mentoring explores the processes and skills of mentoring – how to effectively conduct a mentoring relationship and a mentoring session.

It is appropriate for people who are currently acting as mentors or who are planning to do so in the near future.

The guide brings together several years experience and understanding of both mentoring people and delivering mentoring training.

Addressing key issues such as

  • What is mentoring? Clarifying the distinction between mentoring and managing, coaching and counselling
  • The function of the mentoring arena
  • The types of mentoring conversations that may be required, from safety valve to advice to challenge
  • The requirements of the mentoring relationship and establishing the ground rules
  • The mentoring process – a model to help you adapt to the person you are mentoring and the issues brought to the mentoring arena
  • The skills required at the heart of mentoring
  • Assessing the resourcefulness of the person being mentored so that our response is appropriate and useful
  • Identifying how we can best work with the person we are mentoring
  • Giving feedback around a specific issue or the person themselves
  • Selecting a mentoring style depending on the level of resourcefulness of the person you are working with

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