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Effective Training – Keeping it Simple – Key Issues

by Hank Williams

This guide explores the process of creating the conditions for learning.

The first half of the guide focuses on simplicity in terms of the trainer’s role and the design of learning events. So if you are interested in designing learning events with depth and resonance this guide will interest you.

The second half focuses on the management of the relationship between the trainer, their material and the learner and on the ways that these key relationships influence the learning environment.

It is most relevant to experienced trainers who work in the area of skills development rather than knowledge transfer

Training can be a lonely place, with little opportunity to review our performance with our peers. If as an experienced skills trainer you are interested in developing your skills, style and approach to really create conditions for learning and change, then this paper is for you.

This comprehensive guide explores

  • The importance of relaxing as a trainer so that the learning can happen rather than being preoccupied with our anxiety with the material we are delivering
  • Creating conditions for learning
  • Achieving depth of learning
  • The relationship between trainer and participant
  • Activists domination of the training and our need to keep them happy
  • How to design based on the principle of keeping it simple
  • Effective use of pull and push in the training room
  • The challenge we face between our own timetable and the needs of people in the training room
  • Your motivations as a trainer and how that affects the design and the delivery of a course
  • How to begin a training course, creating an environment for learning based on mutual trust and respect – Why you’ll never use an ice-breaker again
  • Being authentic and gaining credibility with participants
  • How to avoid resistance and conflict in the training room

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