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Effective Writing Is a Key Management Skill

Good managers write easy to read and easy to understand documents that clearly communicate the information they are conveying to the reader.

In fact, the exact opposite of,

“There was not currently a gap on the spectrum of adequacy sufficient to conclude that the provision of pharmaceutical services is not currently secured to the standard of adequacy.” North Staffordshire NHS Trust

I feel there should be a prize for anyone who understands this gobbledygook, but then if you can understand this, it might actually be a bit worrying. It is so far removed from everyday communication that it shouldn’t be written down. It apparently means, ” we don’t need another chemist”

Writing Tips

Structure your document

Plan your document before you start to write. A well structured document gets your message across and enables the reader to disseminate information quickly.

Avoid Jargon

Sadly, business life is full of ‘Three Letter Acronyms’ and envelopes that need pushing. When you write, keep it simple. Your aim in any document or report is to be understood. Overuse of jargon often cloaks a lack of message. Think about what you want to say and say it. Clearly.

Keep it simple

We are overwhelmed with information. From e-mails to reports to more e-mails. The more straightforward you make your writing, the easier it will be to read and the quicker your message will be absorbed.


Always cast your eye over what you have written before you send it. You can pick up mistakes in spelling and grammar. The spell check on the computer only picks up mis-spelled words. Miss an s from she and it becomes he – the spell check will miss these basics. You owe it to yourself to review, after all a customer or colleague called Angus is only a missing ‘G’ away from being unhappy with you.