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Setting Up Google Alerts

Setting up Google alerts for existing clients or prospects can be really useful for b2b salespeople. It means that you can save time and get information about your customers and prospects direct by email.

One of the challenges most business to business sales people face is how to keep up to date with news about their customers and their prospects. How to do this quickly, without distracting from precious time in front of customers.

Keeping up to date gives you something to talk about, to break the ice, demonstrates you are interested and helps with leads and opportunities in your accounts or prospect accounts.

If you are looking for new business, up to date information can help you think about how you approach a prospect. It starts a conversation by taking you away from the generic and by stepping into the prospect’s world. Making your message relevant is one of the key ways you can engage with people, and you can make your message really relevant if you are up to date with their news published on line.

That’s where Google alerts can help. It’s a simple way of getting information that is published on line sent direct to you by email.

You’ll need a google account, they are free and you can get an email address as part of setting it up.

How to set up Google alerts

Go to or

Enter the names or the words that you want to monitor, so you can set up an alert.

google alerts

When you’ve entered the word, a button will appear for you to click that says “Create Alert”.


To the right of that is a drop down box, which is headed “show options”

This is the important bit, or you will be inundated with alerts, especially if you are tracking something that has a lot of news attached to it.

In the dropdown menu, It will ask you “How often” you want the alerts – at most once a week is fine, that means rather than individual alerts, you’ll get them all grouped together in one email so that you can scan all the alerts at once.

It also asks you which email address you’d like the alerts delivered to, so you can choose which is best for you.

That’s it. A quick and easy way to keep up to date about news of your accounts and contacts.

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