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Everyone is under pressure with rising costs, and hire businesses are no different, in fact can be more affected because of the cost of transport in delivering and collections.

That’s why in the second of our webinar series, Guy Van Der Knapp MD of MCS Rental Software and I talk about how your people and your systems can come together to help you manage your costs

If you want to understand more about

  • how your systems can provide you with data to manage costs
  • how you can negotiate with third party suppliers such as transport
  • how the happiness of your people contributes to their productivity
  • just how essential your drivers are as ambassadors on site
  • the importance of first-time fixes to on site breakdowns
  • the cost of getting it wrong
  • cashflow and how your people can help with that

We’ve worked in the Hire Sector for over 30 years helping clients have commercial conversations with customers. We’ve trained hundreds of hire controllers and salespeople, and MCS has been proving software specifically for the rental sector for over 40 years. We’ve pooled our experience for a webinar series full of insights specific to hire and rental businesses.

Just complete the form below to get access and take a look.