Intelligent Dialogue carried out research into why organisations lose customers, so that we can understand how best to retain them.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates Microsoft 

Not only did our research tell us just how important customer service is, we also found out what companies could do to retain their customer’s business. Here’s the result.

how to retain customer infographic

Customer retention is about simple things, it’s about being easy to do business with, putting things right when they go wrong. Complaint handling is a critical skill when things go wrong.

Customer retention is also about being proactive in the relationship, about contacting customers skillfully in telemarketing campaigns to develop the relationship and encourage them to buy from you rather than pushing product at them. It’s about defending your customers from competitor activity. And the survey results show that a small percentage of people wanted more contact. That they wanted the same deals as new customers, and they wanted easy access to their providers.

How to retain customers by avoiding the things that customers hate about doing business by telephone.

Find out what the top 10 hates when dealing with call centres are. This research will not be published anywhere else other than in one of our training courses, and in this download. Get your free copy now. 

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