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The spotlight is on sales performance in a lot of businesses right now.

That can create pressure. How we react and respond to that pressure can make a huge difference to the numbers.

We call that reaction to pressure, a “sales wobble”. And a sales wobble is a place you don’t want to visit often or for long.

Stepping back and thinking rationally to the targets we need to hit. That can be difficult if your “chimp” is running around screaming that the sky is falling in.

And as always hope isn’t a strategy.

Fight, flight or freeze

As pressure hits, business leaders and sales people can respond in different ways – fight, flight or freeze


A burst of sales activity and energy which can be frantic to get back to where you need to be

A frenzy of trying new things – new markets, new sales techniques – and hoping something works.

Taking risks – pitching bigger, or trying untested sales strategies

The fight and determination is admirable ( and what you need ) but can come at a price. The need for action can drive the wrong behaviours. Time and energy can be wasted doing the wrong things with the wrong customers and prospects

Time spent on the wrong things now can burn your pipeline later

If we work in this frenzy and results don’t come, we can become burnt out, cynical, and credibility is on the line.


Withdrawing – actively avoiding the reality of the drop in sales

An active effort to avoid more challenging situations and clients

Reducing the number of sales conversations and sales activity

Procrastinating and putting off important tasks

This avoidance means that sales activity drops at a time when you need it to be consistent and focused

Productivity & motivation drops

Your competitors can find their way into your accounts


Inaction; caught in the headlights

Overwhelm and confusion

Not able to react to what is happening

Unable to make meaningful decisions

The overwhelm takes over and it can feel like a mountain to climb.

Belief fades, productivity drops

People become stuck “Why bother?” can settle in

It’s important to get unstuck, to move



Step Back & Think, Respond & Act

When we feel the pressure impacting our performance

Step back – catch your breath and think.

This slows the frantic activity of fight.

It’s important to respond to the situation not react to it

Caught in fight or freeze, action is important.

Respond to the situation with action.

Momentum causes motivation.


pathway to profit


Set your course

Give direction

Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What could get in your way?

What do you need to Gain? Retain? Let go? and Grow?


Rising costs squeeze margins

Understand where you add value

Generate demand in the types of customers who will appreciate your value

Protect price and have confident pricing conversations

Hold your nerve to sidestep the race to the bottom


Prioritise the areas where you will get most payoff from your activity

Focus time and energy in areas, sectors and accounts where you will get more payoff and share of wallet

Optimise your win rates


Effective sales people are effective because of their

  • mindset
  • organisation and productivity process,
  • persistence and follow up skills and
  • sales conversations

How can your power yourself and/or your people?


Keep your finger on the pulse by tracking progress and KPI’s

Analyse data for insights

Help people see their progress – momentum fuels motivation

Celebrate the wins


You’ll get a personalised report full of useful recommendations to help your sales success. There’s no cost to do it, just 2 – 3 minutes.

Here’s the link

Sales Success Scorecard (

Doing the things that work, and that you know will get results will bring an assured confidence.