Establishing a Mentoring Framework – Key Issues

by Hank Williams

Establishing A Mentoring Framework Han Williams

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published by Learning Curve

Establishing a Mentoring Framework identifies the key questions that need to be addressed by an organisation that is attempting to develop a framework to focus mentoring activity to achieve strategic goals.

Useful for HR or line managers considering ways to introduce mentoring into an organisation; this guide is based on several years practical experience of working with HR departments introducing mentoring to an organisation and focuses on the key issues you will face.

It explores at high level

  • The need or market for mentoring within an organisation
  • The supply of mentors by exploring the characteristics of effective mentors
  • How to bring the supply to the market. One of the key decisions to be made when attempting to organise mentoring activity is where the responsibility for initiating mentoring lies
  • How to support mentoring activity

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