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More TOFU anyone?

Now I love it with a home made peanut satay sauce ( mix peanut butter, with hot water and add soy sauce and lime juice to your taste and the consistency you want – you’ll thank me ), but that’s not what I mean.

TOFU means Take Ownership, Follow Up.

In a busy business it’s easy to lurch from one thing on your to do list to the next, dealing with incoming queries as you go.  But if you want to get off that treadmill, you need more TOFU.

And your customers definitely need you to have more TOFU.

TOFU’s roots lie in accountability and problem solving. The essence of TOFU is simple – take responsibility for a task or issue, and follow up consistently until it is resolved.

Taking Ownership

This involves committing to resolving an issue or completing a task. It goes beyond acknowledging a problem; it means understanding it thoroughly, finding a solution, and being accountable for the outcome.  In customer service, that means taking full responsibility for addressing a customer’s complaint, ensuring that it is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Follow Up

This is the critical second component. It’s essential to follow up consistently. This might involve updating the customer on the status of their issue or checking in with a team member after for example a one to one. Follow up demonstrates commitment and reliability and both of those develop trust.

How to apply more TOFU

In service, TOFU can transform the customer experience. When customer’s raise an issue, the Customer Service Advisor who takes ownership reassures the customer that their concern is a priority. Regular follow ups keep the customer informed, building their trust and their satisfaction

In sales, TOFU ensures that leads and opportunities are managed effectively. Sales people take ownership, engaging with the leads / opportunities with consistent and quality follow up ( You can’t follow up well if you haven’t had a good discovery conversation ) This helps move leads and opportunities through your pipelines increasing conversion rates

In team management,  TOFU fosters a culture of accountability. When people take ownership of their tasks, they are more likely to see them through to completion. Regular follow ups by managers ensure progress and provide opportunities for support, feedback and recognition.

In learning and development TOFU can be the secret sauce to helping people thrive after a training course or development programme. We combine tools to help people take ownership of their learning and how they apply it, the follow up can come in the form of a review of the training, coaching or 121s with line managers.

If accountability and ownership is important to you, let’s talk about ways in which we can help BUILD that into your business.