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We came across this video and it’s so good we have to share it with you.

It’s a simple concept. The best ones often are.

It’s just a line, but it’s a line that represents so much.

It’s a powerful concept for us all to think about where we are RIGHT NOW, in relation to this line.

Are you above or below that line?

It’s a common language which helps individuals and teams to think about their behaviour

  • are you above the line – open, accepting responsibility, owning problems and being accountable
  • are you below the line – full of blame and excuses perhaps even denial

Where do you spend your time? Perhaps more accurately, how much time do you spend above the line and how much below it?

How many excuses do we have? How much ownership do we take.

And in thinking about this, our challenge becomes – “How can I get to spend more of my time above that line?”

By thinking about it in this way, we realise that we have a choice where we spend our time.

And there is a bigger question for anyone in a management or leadership position.

How can you ask your people to be accountable and take ownership if a lot of your behaviour is below the line?

Your behaviour will not create an environment where people will take ownership and accountability.

So, how can you spend more of your time above the line?