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Phonetic Alphabet

A spelling alphabet used internationally over radios and telephones to ensure accuracy of key information. The term phonetic alphabet comes from the NATO phonetic alphabet, which is shown below.

Ensure charlie, lima, alpha, romeo, india, tango, yankee on the phone by checking details and spelling.

Using this tool routinely can really ensure that you are accurate and clephonetic alphabetar during your telephone calls.

It’s so easy to mistake a B for a P or an F for an S especially on mobile phones.

Recently we had spent what felt like hours dealing with a problem with an elderly relatives house insurance, just because the initial postcode was misheard over the telephone.

That was not good for us as customers, and not good for the company who had to deal with extra calls, or good for the person at the end of the phone having to deal with our frustration.

So use the following to ensure clarity when taking spellings or postcodes. The following is the NATO version which is most commonly used, although European countries may have their own version.


To download you own copy of the Phonetic Alphabet to keep and use please click the link below.

Phonetic Alphabet



French Phonetic Alphabet

There is no such thing as a standard French phonetic alphabet. Instead use names which are appropriate for your customer base.

A Anatole / Andre / Alain / Albert

B Berthe / Bernard / Betrand

C Celestin / Catherine / Christian

D Desire / Daniel / Didier

E Euegene / Emile / Etienne

F Francois / Franck

G Gaston / George / Gauthier

H Henri

I Irma / Isabelle / Isidore

J Jospeh / Jules / Jean

K Kleber

L Louis

M Marcel / Marc / Michel / Mathieu

N Nicolas / Noemie

O Oscar / Olivier

P Pierre / Patrick / Papa

Q Quintal / Quartier / Quentin

R Raoul / Rene / Robert / Remi

S Suzanne / Stephane / Sophie

T Therese / Thierry

U Ursule

V Victor / Valerie / Veronique

W William / Walter

X Xavier

Y Yvonne / Yves

Z Zoe

Apologies to our French visitors for the lack of accents in the right places in these names.

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