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Go To Guide for Reaching Decision Makers

Our guide is being updated and will be uploaded shortly. If you would like help with reaching decision makers and getting past gate keepers, get in touch here.

Tried and tested practices that work in the REAL world.

Decision makers are busy people, gatekeepers take their role seriously.

If you need to reach prospects as part of your new business generation activity, look no further. Our Go To Guide for Reaching Decision Makers, is another in our series of Go To Guides, full of tips that work in the REAL world and which highly effective lead generators use as part of their outbound activity.

This is a really useful resource for anyone involved in B2B lead generation.

As any sales manager or sales person will know, a sales pipeline begins with the right quantity of the right quality of leads.

The way we do business has changed. Social Media and the internet mean the way customers and prospects source business has changed. Inbound marketing brings leads for you to nurture, and this paper looks at high level at some of the ways you can generate leads.

Whether you are promoting your products and services by telephone ( Telemarketing or Inside Sales Teams ) or generating appointments for your sales people, the telephone can still be a really useful tool to contact prospects; if you are able to get past the GATEKEEPER and REACH DECISION MAKERS.

If you are demoralised by
• the number of calls that you have to make in order to speak to a decision maker
• gatekeeper hostility and their reluctance or refusal to give you a name
• hearing “we’re happy with our existing supplier”
• the lack of appointment or quality conversations you are generating
• voicemail messages that never get returned

Help is at hand.

Our Go To Guide for Reaching Decision Makers is designed to give you lots of ideas and tips that will help you in the REAL world.

We’ve pulled together a whole series of tips and approaches to help you get more outcome from your activity.

Based on our experience of helping hundreds of people generate new business and B2B leads in a variety of industries, from plant hire to distribution, from contract services to manufacturing, this guide will help you:-

• overcome the gatekeeper challenge to have more conversations with decision makers
• leave compelling voicemail messages,
• organise yourself for action
• manage your mindset
• get more payoff from your activity

If you feel thwarted by gatekeepers then this is for you.

Do you manage a team who need to generate more leads and more new business?

If you want to help your team contact more people, and have a quality of conversation that generates the results you need, then we can help.
Call us now on 0845 450 0988 to speak to one of our team, and explore the challenges you face in generating quality B2B leads.

Tony Bray Intuitive Business Intelligent Ltd
“I have used Intelligent Dialogue’s services several times and can thoroughly recommend them. The training provided to our sales and telemarketing teams was extremely informative, thought-provoking and enjoyable; they delivered exactly what we needed. Most importantly, the results of the training were extremely impressive – the number of appointments our people booked improved dramatically.”