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Our Go To Guide to Successful Exhibitions is now available on Amazon. Just click the link to purchase.

The way we do business has changed dramatically. Email, web, and social media led some people to predict a demise in the Exhibition or Trade Show as a means of marketing, lead generation and sales.

But they are still alive and kicking. People want human contact, and while they may use the net to plan their visit to a show, in order to use their time more effectively or be more selective with the shows they visit, they still attend. And they attend with a purpose.

Trade shows allow you to put a face to the brand, and if you are confident and represent your brand well on stand, the face to face contact in the buzz of a trade show connects you to people. Research by the stopped me in my tracks. It showed that only 12% of exhibition visitors have been called on by an exhibitor’s salesperson prior to an exhibition.

Let that sink in – if you are struggling to reach decision makers, getting to meet them at an exhibition will help. The same research showed that 83% of visitors have buying influence, and 37% of attendees with buying influence have the final say in the purchasing decision. These figures will vary from trade show to trade show, so it’s useful to check out the demographics with the trade show promoter.

But trade shows are not your usual sales environment. If you sell by telephone or in the field, you need to make the most of being in this almost “retail environment”. You need to cost effectively make the most of the opportunity.

That’s why we’ve put together this ‘Go To Guide for Successful Exhibitions and Trade Shows’ so that you can make the most of these opportunities and get a return on your investment. It’s written for those managing the exhibition and for the stand sales team.

What’s included in the Go to Guide for Successful Exhibitions?

Full of ideas, tips and secrets, it’s a comprehensive guide for you to have a successful exhibition. It includes

    • Setting your goals for an exhibition
    • Getting a return on your investment
    • Successful preparation
    • Spreading the word – getting people to visit your stand
    • Building a show team
    • The role of the Stand Manager
    • The morning huddle
    • The daily debrief
    • Building confidence in your offer / products & how to approach people
    • Your mindset for welcoming visitors
    • Looking after yourself
    • Creating a buzz on the stand
    • Capturing leads
    • Using products to engage visitors
    • Keeping the stand moving
    • Evaluating your success
    • Stand checklist


successful exhibitionsWe want you to be successful in what you do, and make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. That’s why we’ve put together a Training Course to help you take the risk out of your investment in exhibiting. It’s helped clients take what they know they should do and put it into practice…. with confidence. More

Help your show team feel confident about your offer, and how they approach people, even when your competitors have bigger stands, or better offers.

If you would like help training your people in the skills they need to attract, welcome, engage and sell to people on stand, get in touch. We’ll talk through what you want to achieve and the best way to do that.
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