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What is Telephone Account Management?

Telephone Account Management helps you cost effectively maintain regular contact with designated segments of your customer base.

Ensuring that your customer database is regularly contacted with meaningful and useful contact is a consideration for most sales leaders and marketing professionals. Without non productive travel time, telephone contact enables you to reach more customers in a day than face to face contact.

Telephone Account Management calls enable regular contact with those accounts that may not receive face to face visits from you.

While telephone contact may replace field contact, it can also support it so that precious face to face resource is deployed where it most required. The telephone, therefore, can be used to contact a different segment of your customer base.

Making sure that that contact has business benefit in terms of customer retention and sales growth is vitally important.

Unlike, telemarketing calls they ensure a regular call frequency to a portfolio of accounts.

A Telephone Account Manager can cost effectively grow the spend of an existing account by building the relationship, solving problems, resolving queries, spotting opportunities and introducing new products or services.

Your TAM’s need to be skilled in this type of outbound telephone contact, and we can help with tailored Telephone Account Management Training and Development.

Telephone Account Management can therefore compliment field sales activity to cost-effectively develop, build & retain customer relationships. The benefits of doing some of your business by telephone include:

  • more cost-effective market and database penetration.
  • wider coverage of customer base – the number of quality telephone calls that can be made on a day-to-day basis exceeds the number of possible face-to-face calls.
  • telephone activity (objectives, content, and frequency) can be tailored to differing customer sectors and their needs.
  • consistency of sales message – dialogues can be developed to ensure customers receive the message that you want them to receive – every call. Dialogues are not scripts but call plans or maps incorporating key elements.
  • ability to measure progress – with modern telephone systems, telephone activity is easily measurable to monitor effectiveness and consistency.
  • field personnel can focus on key and strategically important accounts.
  • field and telephone personnel are able to work together to allow co-ordinated territory development.
  • new business generation calls can be used to identify potential customers and introduce your brand.

Telephone Account Managers have a unique role, and need specialised training and development so that they :-

    • understand their role in your customer contact strategy
    • have the quality of conversation you want them to have
    • engage people quickly and lead and manage a sales conversation over the telephone
    • spot opportunities and defend against competitor activity
    • be able to make your sales messages relevant to the people they are talking to
    • stay resilient and motivated
    • manage their portfolio of accounts

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