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What is telemarketing? At Intelligent Dialogue, we define telemarketing as proactive outbound telephone contact with customers or prospects

in order to

  • gain new business or
  • retain and grow the spend of an existing customer base

Outbound Telebusiness calls cover a wide range of activity and may include

Gain – calls to prospects

  • new business generation
  • offers and promotions
  • research
  • appointment generation

Retain – calls to existing customers

  • defence against competition calls
  • segmentation calls in order to segment customers into different customer groups / niches based on their needs or buying behaviours
  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • telephone account management
  • proactive customer service calls
  • calls to lapsed accounts

Grow– calls to existing customers to increase their spend

  • offers and promotions
  • telephone account management

Telemarketing activity can also take the form of specific telemarketing campaigns, which can be managed and tracked for their return on investment.

What’s the difference between telemarketing and telesales?  The terms are often now used interchangeably.

How can we make our telemarketing activity effective? If you’d like help thinking through how you can organise your telemarketing activity, and equip your people with the skills necessary for the calls they will be making, get in touch now.