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Why is customer service important?

Quite simply………. Repeat business.

In our call centre research, we asked participants why they as customers stopped shopping with or dealing with organisations.

The results are quite surprising, and show how important the customer facing role is in retaining customers.

70% of people who took part had stopped dealing with an organisation within 1 year. The reasons for stopping are very enlightening.why organisations lose customers

Out of those, an amazing 54% of people stopped dealing with a company because they had not been able to handle a complaint or resolve a problem satisfactorily.

Even when people are constantly reminded of the cost of living, the reasons that people were leaving organisations didn’t come down to price they came down to service as well.

26% did move because of price, but tellingly, 12% of those people wouldn’t have looked for a cheaper price if they had been happy with the service provided.

Why is customer service important?

When we’re upset, we’ll look for other suppliers, or tell our friends not to use a company because of our experience. And with social media, that’s easier than ever to do. An angry tweet can tell a lot of people very quickly about a poor experience, product or service failure. Just search Twitter #Fail to see.

So, if anyone is in doubt, customer service matters, and handling customers when there is a problem or a complaint is both a key skill and an essential practice. How equipped are you and your team to help customers ( even the angry or difficult ones ) when things go wrong?

Customers don’t call companies ( very often ) to thank them for the fact that their mobile got a signal, that they could send emails, that they pressed a switch and they got electricity, because this is the service they expect and are paying for. We phone with orders, queries and for help when things go wrong.

How equipped are you and your team at complaint handling?

From customer service training to helping angry customers, we have a range of training courses to develop skills and confidence. Retain more customers and reduce escalations.

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