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Developing Resilience – The New Skill

Developing Resilience is a key skill for us all – because the world is changing – constantly.

Personally or profedeveloping resiliencessionally the world is throwing a lot of things at us, they are well documented so I’m not going to go into them here. .

Resilience of both businesses and individuals to literally weather the storm will be a key indicator in future success.

The ability to stay strong, to be versatile, to bounce back, to make good decisions that move us forward will all continue to be in the spotlight.

So what is this skill and how do we develop it?

Developing resilience – the resilient mindset

At the heart of being resilient is the feeling that we are in control of our own lives ( or businesses ), rather than being hit by the next thing the world can throw at us.

That is absolutely key for our mental wellbeing.

That we feel in control of our own lives.

What gives some of us the inner confidence to know that we are in control of our own life and how we move forward through it?

Well it’s a combination of things, from being realistic in our goals and expectations, to being empathic, connected and contributing to the people around us.

It is about our problem solving and our decision making capabilities, and it is fundamentally about our ability to learn from success and failure, from the good times and the bad.

Learning new skills helps us feel more confident and capable, and confident and capable people are good for businesses and organisations.

Feeling competent in your jobs helps with our motivation.

So when was the last occasion you invested time, money or energy in you?

Don’t just take the time to write down your personal or professional goals, invest in making them happen.

You, are after all your own greatest asset.