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Drop your price or hold your nerve?

We bought a new bathroom suite at the weekend. After lots of looking. And I mean lots!

Internet shopping didn’t do it for me, I had to lie in the bath to make sure it was comfy.

buying bathroomIt was down to 2 companies. There was a difference in price.

I asked the more expensive for a discount, they said no.

I wanted to hug them. With social distancing I couldn’t even high five them.

They didn’t give in on price & they did it nicely.

They looked at the quote & explained that everything was priced keenly; they couldn’t do anymore. They explained the quality of what we were buying, & that was why it was priced as it was.

We bought from them.


Because every time we had been in there they spent time with us. They asked us questions, they gave us advice, they knew their product, they explained some of the pitfalls.

The other company was cheaper, but every time we went in there, we noticed there was only one helpful member of staff. He was always busy. The others never moved from their seats. When we asked questions were told “it’s my first week, I don’t know” with no attempt to find out the answer.

But the people we bought from wouldn’t know any of that.

stop and think

Faced with a price objection, they held their nerve.

If you are in sales – what would you have done?

Offered a discount because you really need the sale?

Or explain the value you bring and hold your nerve?