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Get More Sales

selling in tough timesAre you finding that:

  • You need to generate more new business because your current customers are spending less with you?
  • Buyers are taking longer to say yes?
  • More people and more senior people are being involved in the decision to buy?
  • There’s a spotlight on costs and you need to prove your value for money without reducing profit?
  • Are there days when that gets you or your sales people down?


Get more sales – staying motivated

Some days sales targets can feel a little overwhelming.

  • How can you sell more when people don’t seem to be buying?
  • When they are taking longer to buy?
  • When they need more convincing to buy?
  • How can you manage your own thoughts and feelings during that time?

Staying motivated can be a challenge. That’s why so many New Year’s Resolutions go by the wayside. They may be driven by good intentions, but it needs more than good intentions to succeed.

In business, finding motivation to stay on target when times are tough or things aren’t going to plan, can be hard.

It’s all too easy to get drawn into believing that you won’t win the sale or make the order.

Sometimes the conversation that we have with ourselves is as important as any we have with colleagues and customers.

We all draw motivation from different things, from providing for our families, to getting recognition, to working in a team, to job satisfaction.

Motivation is one of those factors which contribute towards our resourcefulness and resilience. Our ability to adapt to change, and believe in ourselves even when times are tough, is essential if we are to make it through tougher times.

Resourcefulness and resilience is a mixture of your attitude and your action. How you conduct yourself matters.

This isn’t a “think nice thoughts and nice things will happen to you” article, but your beliefs about yourself, your skills and your actions will help you to succeed.

Selling in tough times is hard. Achieving targets is more challenging than we’ve all probably experienced before. But as sales people (and we’re all in sales aren’t we?) we have to find the motivation and help to keep going.

As sales people or managers if you walk around defeated how does that make your colleagues in operations feel?

If you are positive, organised, professional, that will transmit itself to the rest of the business.

If you are walking around moaning “it’s tough out there” what impact do you think you are having on the rest of the business, the people who are going to deliver the orders you win?

Your Attitude + Your Action will get you the results you deserve.

Get more sales – get thinking

Sometimes we get bogged down in the day to day, and that’s when we need to step back and think about what’s working and what isn’t? What’s happening in your market place, right now? What kinds of businesses are buying, and which products are they buying? What are your competitors doing, especially around price?

The truth is that now is a good time to be involved in sales. If you are skillful, not afraid of hard work and resilient , now is the best time for you to be widening the gap between you and your competitors.

  • How can you engage your customer base in conversations that will challenge, support and make a difference to them?
  • What are the key priorities for them at the moment and how can you help them?
  • How can social media help you get key messages out to people more often?

Get more sales – get focused

Start to use your calling capacity and your sales and marketing activity wisely. Think about the calls you make, and where you can get most payoff from your activity.

  • How much time and resource should you be spending on growing the spend of your existing customers, and defending your position against competitors to retain your existing customers?
  • Are you looking to generate more new business because your existing customers are spending less with you?
  • Have you asked your existing customers for recommendations?
  • When was the last time you called your inactive / lapsed customer list?
  • Do you know how to generate new business cost effectively in your business?
  • What would a sales machine that captures and converts leads look like in your business?
  • What activity would you need to do on a daily basis to feed your sales pipeline?

Get more sales – get organised

Some of the most successful sales people we work with are the most organised.

Some use diaries and notebooks, some use outlook, some have the advantages of a CRM system. What sets them apart is their systematic approach to follow up. Good contact with customers, at the right time, doing and saying the right things that cause them to buy. You can’t do that unless you have a plan, are clear which opportunities require your active attention. Start being business intelligent, focused and follow through. You’ll get those sales.

Get selling and get more sales

All the planning in the world won’t get the sales in.

Thinking and talking don’t hit your targets, it’s when you start putting your focused plans into action that you start to see results, the rewards, the sales, the cashflow.

So once you’ve worked out the areas where you will get best payoff from your activity, get out there and get selling. When times are tough, and sales people start to hear the word no more than they would like, they reduce their call rates.

This is great news, you can widen the gap between you and your competitors, the more intelligent activity you put in, the more sales will follow.

It’s simple, just talk to more people, but make sure you have an intelligent dialogue with them (sorry I couldn’t resist that)….. Get out and get talking to the right people, concentrate on them and get more sales.

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