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Getting Past Gatekeepers

Getting past gatekeepers requires technique, belief, determination and skill. We hear from so many participants in our training and development programmes that getting through to decision makers is getting harder, and figures do support that.

getting past gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are starting to take on almost mythical monster proportions, and “No Names Policies” add to the difficulties.

Some telesales / sales people pick up the phone expecting to be blocked, and their frustration spills over into their words and tone of voice.  Being rude or lying to the switchboard won’t win any friends , contacts or sales! If that affects their motivation, then can be the start of a downward spiral; sales people need to be resilient.

If you or your people struggle with that – help is at hand. We’ve put together a Go To Guide for Reaching Decision Makers.

Another really useful Go To Guide to help take some of the stress away and ideas that work in the real world. This is just a little of what we teach in our telesales and telemarketing training.

Technology has affected the way people buy, and the way businesses can generate new business. Outbound telephone calls still have their place in business to business sales, as part of a blended approach to inbound and outbound activity.

Organisations are investing time and energy in their Inbound Marketing, with its emphasis on web lead generation, pay-per-click advertising and social media. This is about making the phone ring with quality enquiries.

Outbound sales activity in the form of lead generation is still necessary, and part of the sales activity for some organisations and selling their products and services to other busineses. Whether you are selling to organisations over the telephone or generating appointments for yourself or your field sales colleagues you owe it to yourself, to understand how you can get be stronger, getting past gatekeepers and reaching more decision makers.

That’s why we’ve put together a Go To Guide for Reaching Decision Makers

Diane Banister our MD said “ I put together our Go to Guide for Reaching Decision Makers to help anyone involved in the day to day of using the telephone to generate sales and appointments but also for Sales Leaders to understand the challenges, and some of the things they can encourage their people to do to help generate quality leads”

Download your copy here; and let us know what you think of it, we’re always really interested to hear what you think.

If you’d like to talk about telesales training or coaching to really supercharge your outbound calls; call now on 0845 450 0988, to talk through your specific challenges, and we’ll help you think through a plan of action that would work for you and your  team.