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Reaching Decision Makers – What impression are you creating?

what impression are you creatingThe phone was ringing so I answered it.

The salesperson calling thought I was the receptionist and spoke to me as though I was dirt. ( I was amazed ) She asked to speak to a director, little knowing she was speaking to one. She was rude, abrupt, borderline offensive.

What are her chances of making a sale?

Our blog post recently highlighted how important it is get on the right side of the gatekeeper/receptionist PA, not only because they can be an advocate for your business, but also because of the impression you create in how you behave towards and communicate with people.

Ellen Burbidge a partner at Passion Capital wrote recently in The Sunday Times (21st August 2016) about ways they assess companies they want to do business with “we always take into account any feedback from others in our office…………….. we believe that prospective partners must be able to persuade people to work with them. That means treating others with respect – whether they be prospective investors or an office receptionist”.

This illustrates clearly how our approach and actions impact on the people we come into contact with.

It also reminds me of an experience I had on holiday in a restaurant a few years ago. A young couple were obviously on their first date and he was trying to make an impression by being offhand and arrogant with the waitress.

Someone had said to me some time before when you start dealing with someone and they invite you to a restaurant, watch how they treat the staff, because after a while that’s the way they will start treating you. Courtesy costs nothing, and while you may have long forgotten what you said and how you acted, the impression you created will last.

How you treat a gatekeeper says a lot about you. What impression are you creating? Are you good to do business with?

If you want help getting past gatekeepers we have a Go To Guide on Reaching Decision Makers you can download here

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