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Sales Tips

Railway salesperson

Another of our sales tips; learn how this sales person sells more than 5 times her colleagues.

This is a picture of Kumiko Mogi, who is the most successful “wagon girl” on the bullet trains in Japan. The average wagon girl’s sales are about £450 over a six hour return journey.

Kumiko Mogi takes £2250, some five times more on the same journey.

What’s her secret?

Wagon girls buy their goods at “warehouses” on the platforms. She is the last wagon girl to buy her stock, because she spends time looking at the people queuing for the trains. She buys the stock that will sell for the people on that journey. She carries out a quick market analysis based on her experience of what customer types buy which products.


This is understanding your customers in action. Imagine too many trolleys laden with beer, dried fish, salt beef, and most of the people on the train are on school trips. She stocks up with chocolate straws if there are lots of children are on the platform. She reacts to her market place.

Her greatest innovation has been to pull rather than push the trolley. “By pulling the trolley, and never turning my back towards the customers, I can constantly look at their faces and work out what they want”

And she’s versatile. She works to read and engage with her customers. Sales staff are obliged by their companies to use the most polite form of speech. She reads the customers and switches between styles and accents to suit the person in front of her.

Simple but effective – remember she gets FIVE TIMES MORE SALES.

Want help thinking through how you can update your sales approach? Why not call us now on 0845 450 0988. Beside the sales tips in both the blog section and our resource centre, we offer both sales training and sales coaching – tailored to the people we are working with. We won’t help you build an approach that involves dried beef if you need chocolate straws ( or vice versa )