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As you may know – we love our clients.

And we want to shout about the great work they do.

You might not know they exist, but they do amazing things on a daily basis.

Spotlight on a client







In the second of these we caught up with Tom Vaughton, Managing Director of Varn, who we’ve been working with for a while. We met when we were looking for a new website, and now we work with their team.

Here’s what Tom had to say

What does Varn do? – We are a specialist search engine marketing and analytics agency (with an emphasis on specialist. We’re not a design/general marketing agency that claims to offer search marketing). From planning and managing full search marketing strategies to consultancy, SEO and PPC audits and training we work with  clients to help deliver sustainable and profitable growth through your website and search marketing channels.   To do this we combine our experience in technical SEO, data analytics, Google Ads management and content marketing with website design, usability and development into results-driven and KPI led strategies.


 Who do you help? – We work with most organisations that have a website but we specialise in working with SMEs, publishing/informational websites and medical/pharmaceutical businesses.

Why was your business set up? – Varn was set up because I needed a job when I moved back to Wiltshire with my family.  I had been the search marketing manager back in the early dates of SEO and PPC, which I really enjoyed, and then general manager for a team development company in Hertfordshire.  So this experience and a personal interest in all things web made setting up a search marketing agency the obvious choice.

Why should people get in touch with you?
– We help organisations websites perform better so if you think your website or search marketing should drive more leads, sales, brand awareness or deliver a better return on investment than you currently get then please get in contact.  We will happily have an initial look at your website and/or search marketing strategy.

How important is people development to you? – Very. Being an employer is a big responsibility that you have to take very seriously.  Not just because most staff will have a mortgage or family to support but because your team will spend approximately 70% of their awake time at work, or thinking about work, so if they aren’t being supported, developed or enjoying work then it impacts their whole life, and not in a good way.   Also, your company is only as good as the staff – especially if you want to grow beyond a few people.  So the better trained/developed the staff the better the company will perform.

You are an intelligent dialogue client – why did you choose us as a training partner? how have we helped you develop? – We chose Intelligent Dialogue because they listened to what we wanted to achieve and they designed a bespoke approach that evolves as the team at Varn develop, not a one size fits all approach that often doesn’t actually fit anyone properly.  Also, you do actually care about the results and as you have got to know us you have helped me identify what support and development each individual team member needs.

Varn  Varn are a specialist search marketing agency that through search engine optimisation, paid search, analytics and web design will help your business perform better online. For more details contact Tom Vaughton on 01225 560212.