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Workplace Finance

Spotlight on a client: Workplace Finance

We love our clients.

And we want to shout about the great work they do.

You might not know they exist, but they do amazing things on a daily basis.

So we’ve started a Spotlight on a client series.

Spotlight on a client







In the first of these we caught up with Jenny Dale, Sales & Marketing Director of Workplace Finance.

Sadly with all that is going on at the moment, finances are top of the list of a lot of people’s priorities, and so we thought you’d be interested to hear more about them and the services they provide to help organisations offer their employees financial health and personal finance support.

What does Workplace Finance do?

Workplace Finance

We work in the employee benefits sector providing clients with financial wellbeing benefits to help support their employees in getting their finances in shape.

We offer a financial education hub, personal debt advice and affordable loans with repayments taken directly from employees net salary.

There’s no cost to employers and with all that has happened this year, with people being on furlough, the resources we have available can help employers to look after their employees, which is crucial.

Who do you help?

Employers offer our benefits to their employees as part of their employee benefits package.  Helping employees think about and manage their finances can improve concentration and productivity, engagement and reduce absence.

Our financial wellbeing benefits help employees take control of their money by providing them with the tools they need to plan and manage their finances.

In the current climate employees will be looking for additional support with their financial wellbeing more than ever.

The Money and Pensions Service have predicted that the need for debt help will increase by over 60% for at least the next 18 months due to the pandemic. Our free digital debt advice tool provides employees with comprehensive debt advice and offers them an immediate recommendation based on their individual circumstances giving them peace of mind that there is support available for them.

Why was your business set up?

The management team at Workplace Finance have over 15 years’ experience in the employee benefits sector through Fideliti Childcare Vouchers. We felt that there was a lack of choice for employers when it came to helping support their employees financial wellbeing and it was seen as a taboo subject which it shouldn’t be. We wanted to remove this stigma and allow employers to have benefits available to employees that they could access in their own time if they chose to do so.

Our proposition takes into consideration our expertise in dealing with employers of different sizes and cultures and offers a bespoke personal service to each of our clients. Financial wellbeing isn’t a one-size fits all and helping employees is our goal.

Why should people get in touch with you ?

We offer much more of a holistic approach and understand that not all of our benefits will suit every clients requirements. We therefore allow employers to customise which of the benefits they offer to employees.

Our financial wellbeing benefits include a financial education hub, a debt advice portal and affordable loans of which all are free for the employer to offer to employees.

Our free digital debt advice tool provides employees with comprehensive debt advice and offers them an immediate recommendation based on their individual circumstances. Unfortunately in the current climate employees will need additional support in this area more than ever.

How important is people development to you?

Development of employees is key for their own development but also so they have a thorough understanding of the benefits we offer and how they can support employers and employees. Workplace Finance is regulated by the FCA and it is key to our business that employees understand our benefits to ensure they are not mis selling our benefits to clients but to also ensure they are matching our benefits to their business needs.

You are an intelligent dialogue client – why did you choose us as a training partner? how have we helped you develop?

I have worked with Intelligent Dialogue in previous roles and have also experienced training from other companies. Intelligent Dialogue don’t just provide standard training they gain a thorough understanding of your business and objectives which means employees are given bespoke training specific to our business which means that it’s really effective and you save training time because of the prep that’s been done.

Diane is so enthusiastic and is great at ensuring people stay fully engaged throughout the course, feedback from employees is always really positive.

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