Business Writing

Business writing training to develop persuasive, reader friendly, written communication.

From an email to a customer to a career defining report or proposal, how we write can have a huge impact on how we are perceived internally and externally.

Our business writing training helps people to write with impact; to develop their written voice. Our consultants can also help you develop your brand voice, so that the written language you use reflects your brand and your brand values.

Tailored to the participants and the type of written work they do, this training helps develop an appropriate writing style and explains how to review and edit real pieces of writing…….

  • improving speed and accuracy
  • getting your message across quickly and clearly
  • reflecting your brand; making it come alive with the language you use
  • writing with impact and persuasion
  • structuring reader friendly documents
  • writing with customer focus in customer service or sales situations
  • writing in a service recovery situation with an unhappy customer
  • gaining rapport with your reader
  • evaluating and editing
  • developing a style and tone that is right for the document
  • setting up Word to support your writing
  • and if it’s useful we can look at grammar and the dreaded apostrophe

Training can be supported with one-to-one coaching, exploring in depth both writing style and the content of key documents. Helping you develop the skills and techniques to produce key reports, or essential proposals.

Business Writing Training – what our participants say

“Very informative, interactive and engaging as well as useful”

Peter S, Learning & Development Manager


Mark H, IT Manager

“Very informative; the real English you need to know, not what you learnt at school”

Laura H, Contract Analyst

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