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CRM in Telemarketing

CRM & TelemarketingCRM Telemarketing  Рhow can it help you?

CRM technology enables you to track and maintain contact with customers, helping you to manage your sales and marketing activity, work your sales pipeline, and nurture leads to a successful conclusion.

Telemarketing can help

  • defend, protect, secure i.e. retain existing customer relationships
  • grow the spend of your existing customer base
  • gain new business by nurturing leads until the point at which they buy

It is the quality, frequency and timeliness of contact with customers that brings results. The follow through that wins the business. A CRM system underpins this by managing the tasks required to move with a prospect or a contact through their buying cycle.

A good CRM system can help manage telemarketing campaigns, by focusing telemarketing activity to make the most of the opportunities in the database. If you want to understand more about what a CRM system is its application and functionality then click here.

Telemarketing has momentum when data is solid and appropriate for the campaign. Sophisticated CRM systems now can qualify leads, and automate different responses according to the behaviour of the customer and their reponse to you offer.

Once a prospect or customer has been designated as appropriate for telephone contact, a good CRM telemarketing system helps manage follow up activity, nurturing people towards a sale or strengthening the relationship in some way.

In complex organisations, certainly in a business to business environment, a CRM system helps an individual to see at a glance the contact that the organisation has had with the customer or prospect, making the most of the opportunity within that account.

You will be successful if you

  • have segmented your database and are clear of the buying patterns, needs and processes within your account profile
  • have developed and successfully communicated an integrated communication or contact strategy to your people. Telemarketing following email campaigns can be a highly effective way of generating business to both new and existing customers
  • have clear objectives for all your contacts, rather than making the tea and biscuit call
  • are clear of the products and services that you can offer customers so that they stay with you
  • understand the art of developing call dialogues (more flexible than traditional telemarketing scripts)
  • have a good telemarketing campaign process
  • can build the right skill levels in order make the call count

If you are frustrated by the results of your telemarketing activity, then give us a call on 0845 450 0988. We’ll talk through the challenges you are facing ( both in terms of your market place and your people ) and help you think through your approach to strengthening your proactive contact with customers.