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CaseCards Business Case Studies


Looking for something to bring your training to life?

Want to cut down on design time?

Is it important to you that training participants build real skills?


CaseCards Business Case Studies are decks of business scenarios specifically designed for skills training.

Each deck provides you with 12 distinct cases you can use in a variety of applications, from training to coaching to team meetings. A downloadable facilitator’s guide, provided with your order, gives suggestions for how to use and debrief the cards in various settings.

Decks are organized by the following popular business topics:

  • Performance Management
  • Influencing
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback: Upward, Downward, and at the Peer level

Many traditional business case studies are lengthy, complex, and geared toward specific industries. By contrast, CaseCards are short and simple. They provide enough context around a familiar situation to enable training participants to jump right in and practice applying a newly learned skill.


A few benefits of CaseCards:

  • They are written to be relevant across industries
  • The cases are applicable at various levels of organizations
  • They can easily be used with different models
  • The cards can be used in different topic areas – for example, “downward feedback” cases can be used in training topics related to communication skills, management development, building trust, managing performance, handling conflict, and so forth

These glossy, colorful 5 x 7 cards are designed to be used over and over. In this digital age, participants welcome the chance to interact with one another on real topics, using a tool they can hold in their hands.


Product Description


Performance Management

One of the most difficult jobs of a supervisor or manager is to monitor performance and create accountability. The cases in this deck address common challenges with good performers, as well as those who are struggling with some aspect of their performance. Use them to give leaders a chance to practice performance management conversations in a non-threatening environment!


As organizations have become flatter and more global, the skill of influencing others has become more important than ever. The cases in this deck set up situations where an individual is asked to sway the opinions and actions of others, without any direct authority. These are excellent in leadership or front-line development.

Peer Feedback

Anyone who has worked closely with co-workers understands the challenges of giving feedback to a peer. It must be done professionally, but often business results depend on it. These 12 cases outline situations where an interpersonal dynamic or work-related challenge needs to be addressed at the peer level. Use these scenarios to enhance communication skills, build trust, and develop strong teams.

Upward Feedback

Typically, we think of feedback coming from leaders to their employees. However, it is often the case that employees need to give feedback “up” the ladder. These scenarios include opportunities to give positive feedback to a leader, as well as the more challenging situations when one needs to tell a leader about behavior that is causing a problem for the individual or team. Empower your employees by giving them the skills to give upward feedback.

Downward Feedback

Anyone who manages others needs skills for giving feedback to direct reports. Positive feedback is one of the best ways to motivate employees, and constructive feedback addresses issues or challenges that are inhibiting productivity, quality, and service. The cases in this deck provide plenty of opportunities for realistic practice in management training.




Price per pack is £68. Click on the CaseCards symbol below to purchase. All packs are mailed from the UK.