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Every In Tune Training Module and the In Tune DVD in 1 complete Customer Service Training Package with a saving of £260 or $355.

As a trainer or front line manager you will have everything you need to run your own Customer Service Training and with minimal preparation; we’ve crafted the sessions for you.

Develop customer service attitudes and customer focus with In Tune with Choosing your Attitude and In Tune with the Customer’s World

Calibrate where your service levels are, and get people to think about the EXTRA with In Tune with Extraordinary Service

Develop customer facing skills with In Tune with Language & Pace and In Tune with Listening

Boost morale, engagement and understanding with In Tune with Motivation and In Tune with Recognition

Available in UK and US versions.

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Available now!

The complete In Tune Training Package. Help your people really tune into your customers.

Your library will include all the available In Tune Modules and the In Tune DVD to help bring all the modules together.

Motivational - fun exercises and sessions help your people to tune into the importance of what they do.

Flexible - Think of them like building blocks; each module works well on its own, but can be added together for a longer training session or a programme of training and development. Ideal for team meetings, lunch and learns, conferences.

As a trainer or front line manager, use the entire library of one hour modules to build your teams customer service skills. Bitesize one hour sessions allow you to

    • fit the training around your business or organisation
    • deliver impactful learning with minimum preparation time
    • address some of the key issues facing those in front line customer service
    • cost effectively develop key customer service skills and attitudes for your front line; helping your people to see they are helping customers not dealing with them
    • support your front line with fun, impactful sessions

Each module contains

  • Trainer's Guide
  • Powerpoint pack
  • Workbooks
  • Exercises, handouts and action plans

Also included in this package is out In Tune DVD providing a simple and straightforward focus on the key messages in the training package. Taking the opportunity to view the video at the start of any training meeting or development process will enable you to quickly focus group attention on the training and discussion to follow.

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