Customer Service Training Materials

In Tune with Listening – Being listened to matters to the customer. Discover the art of listening and reap the benefits – getting things right first time and improving customer satisfaction.

In Tune with listening key messages

  • listening helps people connect
  • listening helps understanding
  • understanding helps us to get it right…..first time
  • getting it right helps to build trust
  • trust builds relationships
  • relationships help teamwork
  • teamwork helps business, morale, customer service, and performance

Business needs addressed

  • listening to customers, colleagues and co-workers
  • communication skills
  • customer retention
  • first time resolution – helping to improve the quality of communication so that customers do not have to call back
  • customer service
  • customer needs
  • sales
  • building relationships
  • building rapport
  • building brand loyalty
  • strengthening relationships
  • strengthening the brand

Suitable for

  • induction programmes – Let new starters know how important your customers are from day one
  • communication skills training
  • customer service training workshops
  • call and contact centre training
  • telesales and telemarketing training
  • sales training sessions
  • team meetings
  • company conferences
  • departmental team meetings
  • company wide team meetings


  • all employees
  • heads of department
  • face to face customer service roles e.g. hotels, restaurants
  • business to consumer
  • business to business
  • doing business by telephone
  • sales people selling face to face or by telephone
  • call centers, contact centres, customer service centres
  • those people who have to listen to customers while looking at or entering information into a computer system

We'll email you everything you need to run a powerful, interactive training session for your people.

In Tune modules are flexible one hour sessions, which can be run by new and experienced trainers. There are clear instructions so that managers or team leaders can run these valuable sessions in-house, in team meetings, saving your precious training budget, and minimising disruption to the business.

Trainer's Guide

  • giving clear step by step instructions on how to run the session
  • see at a glance overview for experienced trainers or big picture thinkers
  • detailed notes to enable you to run the sessions with ease
  • notes include tips on timings, running the sessions, and how to keep the sessions lively, participative and focused on the outcome

*if you wish to spend more time on a particular issue, there are suggestions for giving sessions greater depth.


It's up to you whether you use the PowerPoint pack, some trainers prefer not to but it's there for you to use if you choose to.


All the PowerPoint slides in this handy workbook. There is ample space for participants to make notes as a useful reminder of their session, but the sessions run equally well without a workbook.


There are also supporting handouts of key messages and exercises. This helps the trainer to prepare for running the session, while keeping preparation to a minimum.

Seven Day Money Back Guarantee

Should you purchase a download and realise that the material does not do what you need it to do, then please get in touch with us. We will then ask you to personally guarantee that you have not copied the material and that you and your organisation will not use the material again. Once this has been received we will refund the amount in full.

On Approval

Currently available in the UK only.

Should you wish to look at the materials prior to buying, we will forward you a Trainer's Guide and invoice you at the same time. If you want to keep and use the folder we'll forward you the downloads when we have received payment for the invoice.

Should you decide the training material is not right for you, simply package and return to us within 7 days, signing to personally and on behalf of your organisation confirm that the material has not been copied or used.

In Tune is motivational — inspiring your people to go the extra mile, give them focus and take action after the training.

It’s flexible, with a range of modules that you can deliver at a time and place that suits you.

It’s affordable. Once purchased, you can run the sessions time and again at no extra cost.

It’s highly effective, offering practical learning that will transform the way your people look after your customers and work with each other.

It looks good. We've designed the modules, so that all you have to concentrate on is the participants and the training session itself.

Buy one module or build your own training programme or training calendar.

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