in tune trainerIn Tune training materials have been designed specifically so that people with little or no training experience are able to deliver them. We’ve put together everything you need to run an effective, fun session with great outcomes for everyone involved.  Your trainer’s guide is easy to follow, step by step and includes everything you need to prepare quickly and run a session effectively.

That said, for a lot of people, running a training session for the first time can be a daunting prospect.

That’s why we have developed the Train the in Tune Trainer Development Programme, so that trainers can:-

  • meet their own development needs
  • understand more about the in tune training series and how it can support their team / organisation’s development
  • understand which modules will meet specific training objectives
  • explore their role as a trainer and how they feel about this (concerns and fears)
  • familiarise themselves with the training sessions and the materials
  • practice a specific training session
  • get feedback from our trainers and their peers on their session
  • build their confidence in running the session
  • discuss and develop strategies for working with difficult people
  • personalise the session and make it really relevant to them and their organisation.


An initial day session where people learn about in Tune, the methodology behind it, and how they can train or build their own flexible programme for their people.

This initial session also looks at how to manage a group, and helps participants explore any concerns they may have such as dealing with difficult or talkative people.

From that every participant chooses the session they will run or they would like to understand and feel more confident in running, and which they need to prepare for before our next sesion.

Participants come together and each runs part or all of an In Tune Training Session of their choice, getting feedback from their peers and their trainer.

This helps trainers to understand their role, and also what it feels to be a participant in an in Tune Training session.

Optional; further coaching is available if required, where we will sit in on their training session, take notes, and then have a coaching session immediately afterwards.



In Tune is an affordable, flexible, fun and effective way of developing and maintaining key customer facing skills.

Each module works as a stand alone session and also links with other modules to build into your own training programme or library.

Every module is well designed, and includes everything you need to run impactful training sessions.



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