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Course Description

Duration 60 minutes

Motivated team training - everything you need to deliver your own training session around motivation, with the added bonus that team leaders find out what motivates their team.

Team leaders often feel the effects of an unmotivated team, and are often at a loss of where to start when motivating their people. This In Tune module gives you a head start.

Cleverly designed so that a team leader can run this in a team meeting, this module includes two key exercises, one which gets the team to talk about the things that motivate them ( giving the team leader a real insight into their team and what matters to them ).

The second exercise gets the team to think about how they might motivate someone to do something, as they often have to motivate a customer to do something ( pay by direct debit, order more food, use your website to self serve etc. )

In Tune with Motivation – when we understand what motivates us and those around use we can become more influential.

Course objectives

1 explore what motivation is and how it helps us to achieve
2 discuss what motivates people in the team ( a really useful conversation for team leaders )
3 understand how peoples motivations can help us be more persuasive
4 know how you can motivate customers to buy
A great module exploring how we can motivate customers to buy from us, and for team leaders to understand how they can motivate their team

Business needs addressed

People engagement

Persuasion and influencing

Customer retention

Customer service

Sales and business growth


Suitable for

Team meetings

Company conferences

Sales training

Sales meetings

Telesales training

Customer service training

On-boarding and induction training


All employees

Front line customer facing roles

Doing business by telephone

Business to business

Business to consumer

Contace centers, call centers and customer service centers

What's included

Download everything you need to run a powerful, interactive training session for your people.

In Tune modules are flexible one hour sessions, which can be run by new and experienced trainers. There are clear instructions in the Trainer’s Guide so that managers or team leaders can run these valuable sessions in team meetings, saving your precious training budget, and minimising disruption to the business.

Trainer’s Guide

  • giving clear step by step instructions on how to run the session
  • see at a glance session plan for experienced trainers or big picture thinkers
  • detailed notes to enable you to run the sessions with confidence
  • notes include tips on timings, running the sessions, and how to keep the sessions lively, participative and focused on the outcome

*If you wish to spend more time on a particular issue, there are suggestions for giving sessions greater depth.


It's up to you whether you use the PowerPoint Pack, some trainers prefer not to, but it's there for you if you choose to.


All the PowerPoint slides in this handy workbook. There is ample space for participants to make notes as a useful reminder of their session, but the sessions run equally well without a workbook.


There are also high quality supporting handouts of key messages and exercises, keeping your preparation time to a minimum.

7 day money back guarantee

If the material does not do what you need it to do, please get in touch, and we'll refund you in full.

On Approval

Currently available in the UK only.
Should you wish to look at the materials prior to buying, we will post you a hard copy Trainer's Guide and invoice you at the same time. If you want to keep and use the folder we'll forward you the soft copy of the training pack when we've received payment.
Should you decide the training material is not right for you, send us back the Trainer’s Guide, and we’ll cancel the invoice.

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