Communication is at the heart of everything we do.

From conversations with colleagues to writing to customers, our communication skills are the heart of our contact with another human being.

Good communication builds strong relationships, good relationships builds stronger teams, good teams builds stronger businesses and organisations.

Highly participative, our communication skills training is tailored to the needs of the participants, and can explore and strengthen skills such as:-

  • own personal style, where it works for you and where it works against you
  • the dynamics of relationships and how that impacts conversations
  • the key building blocks of good communication
  • managing and leading conversations
  • assertiveness and getting your voice heard
  • persuasion and influencing
  • dealing with difficult people
  • giving feedback and confronting the avoidance cycle
  • given clear instructions and delegating effectively
  • saying no (appropriately)
  • dealing with and managing conflict
  • managing your inner voice in stressful situations
  • preparing for and having difficult and challenging conversations
  • managing effective meetings

Intelligent Dialogue Training is highly practical and focuses on building depth of skill and confidence.

Our communication skills training requires participants to bring with them a number of situations that they would like to work on, both in terms of how they might approach the conversation, but also to tune into their natural style as communicators. By working live issues, participants are able to map communication theory onto real world situations, practicing their approach and developing their skills.

As with all of our training, time will be spent helping each participant develop an action plan to transfer their learning into the real world.

Optional, the training session can be followed by a coaching session to help individuals work through how they have applied their learning.

Presentation Training

Prepare and present with confidence; engage your audience and get your message across. Intelligent Dialogue develops the skills and confidence for any potential presenter to any audience. We work with real presentations that participants will make.