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Train the Trainer Programme

What makes an effective training session?

What makes an effective trainer?

We’ll work with participants to help them build the skills and confidence to design and deliver effective training sessions. This is not presentation skills training, it is about building the confidence to facilitate an effective session, where participants are engaged and benefit from the session.

Suitable for

This programme is more appropriate for those trainers who want to develop skills and behaviours rather than those who wish to transfer knowledge.

For new trainers, or those who have been running training sessions for some time, and who want to invest in their own professional development.

During the programme we’ll explore how you can:-

  • help people learn and benefit from the sessions you run
  • get buy in and engagement from the beginning and throughout the training
  • move people from delegates to participants
  • work with the resourcefulness of the group
  • understand, manage and work with the group dynamics
  • create the right environment for learning, including tuning into the energy of the group
  • deal with resistance and cynicism
  • make the course relevant to participants
  • help participants take ownership of their learning
  • manage role plays and practical exercises
  • give useful and impactful inputs
  • use exercises appropriately
  • design your own impactful training sessions

Any Intelligent Dialogue training is highly practical. Train the trainer training models good training practices, and helps participants develop their own training style.

We work with some clients to build this into a development programme, where participants are observed and coached in their training delivery.