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At Intelligent Dialogue we know it’s really important that you choose the right training partner for your organisation and your people.

When you’re working with a training consultancy you need to understand their approach, and exactly how it will work for you.

How will they fit with your culture and your people?

How will their content and approach contribute to what you want to achieve?

How will their development process help you to transfer the learning from the training session into their day to day so that you get results?

Over the years, we’ve heard some horror stories of wasted investments and squandered opportunities, and so wanted to share with you our approach to developing people so that they and your businesses benefit.

So why us?

Here’s 7 reasons to choose Intelligent Dialogue:

1. Actually it’s not about us – it’s about you

Quite simply we care.

We focus on you and why you are investing in training.

By fully understanding what you need to achieve, we can design and deliver training which is real and relevant to participants, and which delivers for you.

“Intelligent Dialogue implicitly understands our needs” L&D Manager BOC

“Intelligent Dialogue takes our business and our needs as seriously as we do!” Operations Director, LGH


2. We want you to be successful

 We focus on developing people and processes, rather than delivering a training course. It’s a subtle thing that makes a big difference.

We know one size doesn’t fit all, and as a training partner we tailor both the content of the training and how we deliver that training to the clients we work with.


3. We design and deliver training that gets exceptional buy in

Having worked in training and development for over 25 years, we have developed and honed our skills so that our training is well received, and really valued. Diane Banister, our MD, became involved in learning and development because of the impact a training programme had on her.  Our key driver is to deliver training that participants and clients value.


4. Designed for you

We know one size doesn’t fit all, and as a training partner we tailor both the content of the training and how we deliver that training to the clients we work with.
Relevance is one of the key and most important factors in how people learn. Just as we’ll ask your people to translate your products, policies and procedures into a language that’s right for your customers, we’ll do the same with any theory – bringing it life and making it realistic and relevant for your people. When we ask our clients why they use us, they say we

• speak their language
• talk about their reality
• understand their world
• get amazing buy in from people who attend
• don’t waste training time to getting to know their organisation; we’ve done that before we work with your people
• get results
• explore things in as much depth as is needed
• build confidence and action
• support line managers and learning and development departments get a return on their investment with us
• challenge and support
• focus on developing people rather than delivering training and that makes a big difference


5. Where possible we work live issues

We encourage people to bring relevant case studies, problems and examples to any session. We’ll help them apply and test different approaches to overcome their challenges with their own real world situations or customers.


6. Learning reviews and action plans

In fast paced working environments, particularly when people are responding to customers, people rarely have the space and time to think about what they could do differently to improve their performance. By creating the right space to think, most people are able to develop clear actions that will help them be more successful in their role.


7. Follow up

“Intelligent Dialogue don’t just send the invoice and disappear”

Patrick Allen, Henry Schein

At Intelligent Dialogue, we know that the training is just the start of things.

We work with you to help transfer the learning from the training into day to day practice.

We have developed a series of ways to reinforce the training, and keep them at the front of people’s minds. Embedding the learning and helping key messages live and breathe in a team or business. Not only that, we support your line managers to lead the change that you need through the training.

In short, our energy is not on delivering the training, it’s on helping you get results from the work we do.

Win win.

Everyone benefits.

Just as they should.


What results would you like to achieve from your sales, service or management training?

Contact us, and we can talk through the specifics of what you want to achieve, helping you develop a plan for developing those skills and the confidence that goes with that.